Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road to Righteousness

Life is defined by how we treat our fellow 'man. Professions and possessions and pontifications are only definers of a superficial aura that exists around ourselves. We are not remembered for owning a Bose sound system or a Louis Vutton handbag or for being a loan shark. When we recall a lost friend or relative, words that describe how that person treated us and others are most usually offered. Therefore, the connections we make with others should be the compass that guides our lives. I have never heard "Gosh, it's so sad that Mark passed away; he had such a nice car."

If for no other reason than to strive for a positive legacy, we should always treat people with respect regardless if they deserve it or not. If a religious or spiritual belief is the backbone of that behavior, by all means continue it. The origin is of the least important significance as has been shown above. But we have this movement in this country called The Religious Right that somehow calls for both "opening the mind" and "damning of non-believers." Their whole central philosophy is rooted living your life for God and believing that Jesus was His Son. Regardless that a believer may spend time in jail for a drug offense and a non-believer may open up an orphanage, the fact that one has "asked Jesus for forgiveness" and attends prayer group in the Pen assures that one is destined for an eternity next to the Big Guy and the other in an inferno.

Of course, heaven and hell may not exist, and so in this life where life assuredly happens, we have reserved a space for these religious fanatics and that is called The South, a place where normal sane intelligent folk dare not enter.

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