Friday, August 21, 2009

Conservative Hypocrisy

Sarah Palin:

Grandmother at 44
In the middle of separating from her husband
Daughter, Bristol, has a child out of wedlock
Rumored to have pressured Levi Johnston into proposing to her daughter Bristol
Levi-Bristol currently single parents
Doesn't read newsworthy magazines
Thinks we are giving $2B to a Brazilian oil company just because
Believes Obama has "death panels" to single out the weak - like the Nazis!

Rick Pitino:

Devout Catholic
Written four books on family and faith
Has a chaplain on the bench during every home game
Bangs random women on his restaurant floor after hours

Ted Haggard:

Too easy, but let's just say that getting caught smoking meth with homosexual prostitutes was not the 11th Commandment

Conservatives love to preach about their family values and working class work ethic, but let's be real here: they're just people like everyone else and they have their own share of problems. It's just too much fun to point out their faults when they come to light because of the ironic nature of their viewpoints.

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