Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lost in the Numbers: A glimpse into memory loss

Barely six months have passed since this country passed its leadership from utter incompetence to quite the opposite. Since the US is fairly socially conservative, it is not surprising that a large part of this country is souring on Obama's reign in office. As one can see from this highly non-partisan poll, Obama's approval rating has been declining since March. Queen of the Damned Ann Coulter was recently a guest on the Hannity Show on that fair and balanced network, and she essentially laid waste to Obama's "big government spending." You can read the transcript here:

FNC Propaganda

Here's the issue that the FNC people seem to be ignoring: Obama was not handed a country prospering through a sea of surplus cash. He is not awarding money to struggling auto companies and financial institutions instead of funding our struggling state universities. His behavior is a direct result of the horrific economy he inherited from the Big 'Dub. One can not fault Obama, who has two hands tied behind his back and both legs in a cement bucket, for trying to rescue a country that was on the verge from complete collapse.

Of course there are no recommendations from the dynamic duo as to how Obama could ressurect his dwindling numbers. Coulter & Co. are not political analysts - they are shock jocks only concerned with stirring the pot with their malice and near-sightedness. One would think that in order to properly analyze something, you must have a better alternative in the waiting. It seems as if the only alternative these two would be content with would be for Obama to fall so far out of favor, that the Republican Party can again assume the control of the Executive Office. If that were to happen, it would directly coincide with another drop in our economy due to speculation that our government is weak. The leaders of FNC apparently find it acceptable to legitimize the views of anti-government trainwrecks like Ann Coulter and her cronies even at the expense of their own countrymen. DIE.

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